Factors of Competitor Website SEO Analysis

It’s an obvious thing that we see huge competition in global online businesses and the business owners brainstorming to sustain the competition. There will be multiple questions whirling in their minds like What are my competitors doing? Why are my competitors are ahead of me? What are the areas I am missing out to be ahead of my competitors? What Not?

Businesses across the globe will be eager to know about the internet marketing activities of their business competitors, so that they can make the changes and rank higher to stand ahead of them. But, how to track down the digital marketing activities of the business rivals? If at all you want to outperform your rivals, you need to integrate competitor website SEO analysis to your online marketing strategies.

Let us see the factors of competitor website SEO analysis.


Website Usability

Search engine especially Google gives high value to the websites having good UX (User Experience) with rich usability factors influencing their rankings in search engines. Therefore, doing website usability analysis of the factors like page loading time, URL structure, website navigation, call-to-actions attributes etc of your competitor  will help you to improve the UX of your business website.

Layout and Structure
Website layout and structure plays a key role in ranking highly in search engines, as giant search engine Google highly regards websites with potential layout and structure. Websites ranking high in search engines usually use CSS and responsive designs that helps the websites to be mobile compatible. Its suggested to compare your webpage layout and structure like page headers, breadcrumbs navigation, content area, contact information etc with the ones of your business rivals.


Technology and Content Management System
Technical factors such as server hosting, Apache, PHP, Widgets, Javascript framework also play an important role in ranking a website, because the user experience will be affected if you do not have a reliable server hosting. Besides, if cloud infrastructure is accessible by server then the site speed will enhance leading to pleasant user experience. Also check what CMS your competitor is using, while it helps in optimizing majority of the SEO On-page elements. For instance, WordPress CMS is of a kind which is search engine and user friendly, which even Google recommends that helps in optimizing your website.


Social Presence
Social media has become an important element of our daily life. The number of people spending on social channels is skyrocketing with jet speed day by day. Therefore, businesses are focusing to reach their prospects through social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest to name few. Check the social presence of your competitors and analyse their engagement, followers, interaction and the kind of content they share on every social channel. This helps you in analysing your social campaigns and reinvent them by making required changes as per your business objectives.


Keywords are the primary factors that enables your website to be visible in the search engines and ranking as well. Therefore, analyse the keywords of your competitor and their usage in the content, meta tags, image ALTs etc. Check their top performing keywords based on location specific, volume, short tail and long tail keywords. Analysing the keywords of your competitor will help you in optimizing the keywords for your website that influences the keyword ranking in search engines.



Content is one primary factor Google considers to gain online visibility and position in search engines using digital marketing strategies. You need to have potential content on your website that fulfills the requirement of the user visiting your website. Analyse the content on the website of your business competitor considering the elements like language, keyword density, grammar, content type (Image, Video etc), website blog to name few. Also, analyse the content used in meta descriptions, meta titles across the website.Check how many keywords they have used in the content. This helps you in revamping your website content if required that offers you the opportunity to rank in search engines.


Backlinks is one of the vital elements that influences the ranking of a website in search engine. Google strongly emphasises on backlinks gained by a website through methods of their link building strategy. However, the giant search engine focuses more on quality rather than the number. Therefore, you need to gain a backlink that is relevant with quality. Check the backlinks earned by your competitor and analyse where they have got them from. Is it through blogs, business listings, business directories, commenting etc. This gives you an idea about the authoritative sources, where you could gain a relevant, quality and potential backlink that influences your online presence.


PPC Campaigns
Running a PPC campaign for a business leverages you to reach your targeted audience based on demographics like age, gender, location etc. Check the ppc ad campaigns of your rival and analyse the factors like what kind of ad campaigns they are running, keywords, titles and descriptions used in the ads. Its also suggested to analyse their landing pages to check how they create their landing pages, what type of content they use, call-to-action attributes etc. This gives you an opportunity to analyse and revamp your PPC ad campaigns that helps you to reach your targeted audience.

The above factors are the primary elements that are to be checked and analysed in the process of competitor website SEO analysis that helps you in optimizing your business website to gain online presence and search engine authority.